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The scientific and technological developments are rapidly changing the way we lead our life. The revolution brought by Information Technology and Electronics has drastically changed our communication with each other. The associated industrial development has produced large number of products which are now routinely used in our daily life. Therefore the need for the evaluation of the quality of these products and their safe use by the consumers has been strongly felt in all the countries including India. The regulatory bodies of the government have played an important role to develop standards to define the quality and performance of the products. Similarly safety standards have been developed to ensure safety of the consumers during the normal use of these products.

This has given a business opportunity of providing services to the industry to test their products for satisfactory performance as well as to ensure their safety during normal use.

The integration of India’s economy with the global economy has further strengthened this requirement of quality and safety assurance to facilitate export of reliable products to other countries and import of good quality, safe products for the Indian consumers.

At Hi Physix Laboratory (HPL), Delhi; we are focusing our attention to provide world class testing and calibration services to take care of all testing requirements of electronic and IT products, electrical appliances and lighting products. We have state of the art instruments for testing these products for their quality. We also test them to assure safety to the customers during their normal use.

We are fully aware that in this business, responsiveness, quality and consistency are the key to survival. The HPL is driven by a mission to deliver above services and go a step further to know the need of the industry and to meet the customer’s expectations to best of our ability, within the frame work of the regulatory authorities. At HPL, “sustainability” is a fundamental term for our business and we take special care in ensuring that our initiatives have a positive impact on our stakeholders. This requires us to strike a balance between short and long-term concerns and between the needs of our customers and our company. We strike a balance and give our best all round services to the full satisfaction of the customers.

In the end I would like to add that we are a young organization always open to the new ideas and to take care of new requirements of the regulatory bodies and of the customers. We are constantly in the phase of learning and improvement in our work and improve our laboratory facilities. We welcome suggestions from the customers for further improvements of our services.

I look forward to a strong and long lasting business relationship of HI Physix Laboratory, Delhi with our customers all over India and abroad and assure them that we will give maximum efforts to ensure satisfactory services.

With Warm Regards,
D. P. Bahuguna, CEO

Hi Physix Laboratory, Delhi.