We serve the industry by testing their products for the Quality and Safety and help the Industry to produce high quality and safe products for the…


We are committed to provide satisfactory services of Testing and Calibration. We test electrical and electronics products, consumer durables, lighting…


We have Top management responsible for policy decisions, Middle Level Management responsible for day to day work and  a dedicated team of…

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Why Hi Physix Laboratory?

  • We are a most ethical and trust worthy group of laboratories who provide reliable and accurate testing and calibration results.
  • Time Bound completion of jobs and prompt delivery of your instruments / products.
  • Qualified and Competent staff.
  • Proper environmentally controlled laboratory.
  • Wider range of calibration & testing facilities.
  • Economical cost.
  • Sophisticated calibration and testing facility.
  • On Site calibration facility.
  • Pick and drop services & installation of instruments / equipments.
  • Our Certificates are acceptable for BIS, BEE (Star Level), ISO and CE marking. Because of national / international traceability, our certificates are accepted by all departments and authorities of Government of India, and by all member countries of APLAC & ILAC.
With our clients in mind,
we work meticulously to provide
the best services for them

From the CEO’s Desk

The scientific and technological developments are rapidly changing the way we lead our life. The revolution brought by Information Technology and Electronics has drastically changed our communication with each other. The associated industrial development has produced large number of products which are now routinely used in our daily life.

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Training at HPL, Delhi

trainningHi Physix Laboratory, Bawana, Delhi regularly organizes Training Programs for its employees as well as for the persons nominated by other organizations and institutions.

For Training Schedule and details about the Training Changes, please contact our Deputy CEO at dyceo@hiphysix.in or dyceohpldelhi@gmail.com.

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